Tips for employers to make commuting for employees easy and safe during Phase II of Delhi government's Odd-Even traffic scheme

Posted On : 2016-04-14 19:49:04( TIMEZONE : IST )

Tips for employers to make commuting for employees easy and safe during Phase II of Delhi government's Odd-Even traffic scheme

As citizens of Delhi NCR enter the second phase of Delhi Government's Odd-Even traffic scheme, from April 15 to April 30, 2016, working professionals may feel the stress of having to find ways to commute to work and back, that are easy and safe! One Touch Response, India's 1st on-demand Safety Service 24x7, provides top tips that can help employers to make the odd-even a successful two weeks for their employees and to help them to positively embrace this scheme introduced in the larger interest of reducing air pollution in Delhi. Here are the top five tips -

1) Give a pep talk - A conscientious company thinks about the welfare of its employees, and also the public at large. It is important to engage employees on the importance of the scheme and to motivate them to be active contributors to make it a success. Without their active and mindful participation, the Government's objective to lower pollution in Delhi / NCR will remain on paper. Answer as many questions as possible to make employees confident of their participation.

2) Lead by example - Senior executives can talk from their example, how they cycled to work or carpooled with their neighbors, family, and friends to take turns to drop the children to school, commute to work, or run errands like grocery shopping. They benefitted also by strengthening bonds with everyone involved, and in the process saved a few bucks too! Such real life examples add to the energy boost and motivation of the employees to act in a similar fashion.

3) Encourage employees to avail carpool solutions and public transport - By allowing use of the company intranet, employees can form their own carpooling groups for hassle free coordination. Employers may also look at tying-up with shuttle service providers on pay per seat basis as an additional service to employees during this time or make suggestions of apps of motorcycle taxi providers such as M-Taxi, car pooling services such as Orahi, etc.

4) Subscribe to One Touch Response, India's 1st on-demand safety service: Employers can get a corporate subscription for One Touch Response and provide it as an HR perk to all employees. By downloading it, employees would be able to receive the safety guarantee of the OTR service delivered via an app. When activated on a smartphone (iOS, Microsoft or Windows), a user can activate this service to check in on them at regular intervals as they travel through unsafe areas or at odd hours. Should anything go wrong, with just one touch of the app, the user gets connected immediately to OTR's Command and Control Centre (C3). In the meanwhile one of the nearest Immediate Assistance Team (IAT's), stationed strategically around Delhi - NCR, are dispatched to be by the side of the user within minutes.

5) Relaxed work hours for the employees: Companies can look at providing flexi timings and work-from-home option during this period. This may include early call out timings or work-from-home provisions on days employees aren't able to take their private vehicles out.

These tips could go a long way for employers in showing their support for a good cause and in building goodwill with their employees.

Source : Equity Bulls