ICAI updates on evaluation of answer books of CA exams

Posted On : 2019-09-26 09:02:19( TIMEZONE : IST )

ICAI updates on evaluation of answer books of CA exams

ICAI made an announcement with respect to Evaluation of answer books of CA exams on 21st September, 2019. Thereafter, a webinar was conducted on 22nd September, 2019 wherein the procedure and processes followed in the examination system were explained and all the misgivings about the examination process were cleared. Further, an announcement elucidating Procedure and Process followed in Examination System was hosted on ICAI website on Sept. 24th, 2019.

A section of the students led by agencies external to the Institute have been demonstrating outside the ICAI premises from 23rd September, 2019. In order to empathize the genuine concern, if any, of the students, they were given an opportunity to meet the officers and council members on 24th September, 2019 wherein more than ten representatives including ICAI members, non-members and students participated in the discussions. The representatives of agitators submitted that their only demand is to allow for provision of re-checking of answer books in the Chartered Accountancy examinations. They however despite persistent advise did not give any specific memorandum.

The representatives were assured that the Institute will take all necessary measures to protect their interest within the provisions of the CA Regulations 1988. They were also advised to call off their protest and concentrate on their studies for the forthcoming exams. The President, ICAI had also addressed the CA. Students in this regard.

Despite the above mentioned steps having been taken, it is noticed that the agitation is still continuing. It is also seen that a few answer books have been circulated in social media alleging errors in evaluation on the part of Institute. These answer books have been checked and from the records of the Institute, it is noticed that none of these relate to May, 2019 examination as has been claimed on the social media.

In order to address the aforestated issues, the Director Board of Studies and HOD, Examination have once again today appraised the students about examination system and process followed in evaluation of the answer books of CA Examinations through video hosted on ICAI social media.

The students were apprised once again about the step-wise marking which is an integral and essential feature of the evaluation system of ICAI w.e.f. November, 2018 examination. The ICAI also ensures that step-wise marking is carried out without fail and in case step-wise marks are not awarded, the Head-examiners are required to rectify the error during the process of review before results. Further, when such error is brought to the domain of the Institute during the process of verification or upon providing copies of answer books to the candidates, the same is also addressed and justice done to the candidates.

While providing copies of the answer books to the candidates, candidates are also specifically advised to bring to the notice of the Institute errors, if any, in the step-wise marks awarded which are also addressed by the Institute.

Students have been advised that in case they find any error in providing step-wise marks, they can send a mail about the same at and

As per the provisions of Regulations 39 (4) of Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988, the correction of marks is awarded in the following cases:

1) No marks awarded to any answer or part of it.

2) Totaling errors in step-wise marks awarded for a answer

3) Wrong carry forward or its part of marks awarded to answer on the cover page of the answer books.

Beyond this, the Regulation does not permit any subjectivity in checking of answer. This aspect of explanation to regulation 39 (4) not permitting re-evaluation has been upheld in many legal cases in which ICAI was a party.

Students have once again been advised to repose their trust and faith in the examination system of ICAI which is time tested and robust.

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