Notion Press presents author Vijetha SN with the exciting debut novel 'Strange Weather at the Ridge'

Posted On : 2016-04-03 10:00:15( TIMEZONE : IST )

Notion Press presents author Vijetha SN with the exciting debut novel 'Strange Weather at the Ridge'

Notion Press is elated to bring you an adventure that is sure to offer an intriguing experience. It is a tale that will keep you hooked and guessing. Titled "Strange Weather at the Ridge," the book is penned by Vijetha SN and is published by Notion Press. The book is now available to readers all over the world. It will be launched in Bangalore on April 2, at the Atta Gallatta book-store cum-café between 3 and 4 p.m. The author Nandita Bose will be in conversation.

The author, Vijetha, has interestingly penned a fiction around curses and disappearances and has set the story during the times of revolt of 1857 and modern times. The story revolves around Captain Montogomery, a British soldier in India, who gets lost in a forest post the war and encounters a strange woman.

Several centuries later, the story again takes readers to the life of Professor Singh, who goes missing under strange circumstances. The task of enquiring about the missing professor is assigned to Sita and Aron. As they set out to find out the professor, the questions they ask lead them to bizarre consequences. The more they dig into the case, the more mysteries they unravel. Buried demons and unforgotten secrets emerge when they find an old journal, which supposedly holds clues to the professor's disappearance.

What does the journal contain? What does it have to do with the Captain? Are there any such things as curses? How can the professor disappear into thin air? With elements of magic, love, and emotions woven beautifully into the book, Strange Weather at the Ridge is indeed an enthralling read.

Vijetha S. N, is a journalist who has written on a range of topics right from university politics, sensational legal issues and crime to what the debonair Delhiite should be wearing. She lived in Delhi for close to five years, an experience that changed her so completely that she could not but, write a book based in the Capital. This is her first literary effort.

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