Frontier Lifeline Hospital Observed World Health Day

Posted On : 2016-04-11 11:08:12( TIMEZONE : IST )

Frontier Lifeline Hospital Observed World Health Day

Today (April 11, 2016) is World Health Day. An annual global event since 1950, the day is used each year to highlight a theme of global importance to health and healthcare. The theme for this year's 67th World Health Day is "Beat Diabetes". The goals emphasized by the World Health Organization are - scale up prevention, strengthen care, and enhance surveillance.

In commemoration of World Health Day, Dr. K M. Cherian's Frontier Lifeline Hospital at Mogappair hosted presentations and discussions to reiterate the role of health care members in reducing the burden of diabetes.

Diabetes, referred to as diabetes mellitus by doctors, is a chronic metabolic disease that affects your body's ability to produce or use insulin. Insulin is a hormone. When your body turns the food you eat into energy (also called sugar or glucose), insulin is released to help transport this energy to the body cells. The number of diabetic patients is reported to be increasing at an alarming rate globally, with fastest increases observed in low and middle income countries. India sees a surge in the number of diabetic patients.

Dr. R . Anantharaman, FRCP ( U.K.) CCST , Cardiologist highlighted the significance of the theme, its relevance to India ( where diabetes is becoming an epidemic ) and how health care members can contribute towards achieving the stated goals. He also reiterated the importance of prevention of the disease and its complications through healthy eating, regular exercise, maintaining normal Body Mass Index (BMI) ,regular medical check-up and adherence to prescribed treatment and health advices by persons with established diagnosis.

Experiences of coping up with the challenges of diabetes compounded by cardiac ailments cited by a few patients emphasized the need for individualized care.

Dr. Deepak, Visiting Consultant emphasized on the importance of moderating diet for prevention of diabetes. He added that split meals, 'no' to liquid carbohydrates, plenty of vegetables and proteins ; and low fat are beneficial tips to keep diabetes at bay.

In his concluding message Dr. KM Cherian, Chairman and CEO, Frontier Lifeline Hospital encouraged his entire team for effective participation and contribution in achieving this global mission. The take home message of the deliberation is that each one of us have a responsibility towards eliminating or minimizing the surging problem.

Source : Equity Bulls