Equity Bulls is a real-time, 24-hours-a-day business news and commentary website based in India. Established in 2005, Equity Bulls provides timely and indispensable information for investors in Indian and US Stock Markets. The website also provides huge repository of news about India / US Companies, Indian Stock Markets and Indian Economy. The website helps people in business, finance, government, the professionals as well as investors. It is free to users and is funded by advertising revenue.

Equity Bulls' main motto is to provide quality information for investors free of cost. Equity Bulls is published by Chennai Scripts, which has other publications like YourChennai.com, a portal offering news and articles on different topics. The owners of the company are Natarajan & Venkatesh.


* Anand M - Editor & Mentor: Anand is an avid investor and has nearly 28 years experience in Indian Stock Markets. He is currently the mentor, IT head and Editor.

* Venkatesh - Founder: Venkatesh is the founder of Equity Bulls. He contributes articles / news on IT companies and IT industry.

* Natarajan - Founder: Natarajan is the founder of Equity Bulls. He gives the vision and establishes the mission objectives of the publication. He contributes articles / news on US companies and US stock markets.

* Bhuvana - Associate Editor: Bhuvana is the associate editor of Equity Bulls. She dissects the balance sheet of companies and contributes articles on companies with interesting balance sheets. She also writes articles on corporate actions of Indian companies.

* Mahalakshmi - Senior Correspondent: Mahalakshmi is a senior correspondent who contributes articles on Indian companies under the Stock Report section.

* Lakshmi Narayanan - Senior Correspondent: Lakshmi Narayanan is a senior correspondent with Equity Bulls and covers special events like exhibitions, company / plant visits.

* Anand - Tax Help: Anand is a Chartered Accountant with rich experience on tax matters. He answers questions posted by viewers on tax matters.

* Gayathri - Market Commentary: Gayathri tracks Indian stock markets keenly. She contributes to the Market Commentary section of Equity Bulls website.

* Archana - Advertising: Archana takes care of the advertisements in Equity Bulls.


Equity Bulls has a strong commitment to editorial independence and integrity. Equity Bulls provides unbiased coverage on India / US Companies, India / US Stock Markets, Indian Economy.

There is also a clear separation between our editorial and advertising sales operations. It is an article of faith for us that advertisers have no influence on the editorial content of Equity Bulls.


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