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TIPS Industries receives favourable judgment in dispute against Wynk

Posted On : 2023-09-30 19:35:08( TIMEZONE : IST )

TIPS Industries receives favourable judgment in dispute against Wynk

TIPS Industries Ltd., India's most loved music label and a leading player in the music and entertainment industry today announced that the company had received a favourable judgement from the Double bench Bombay High Court in their legal proceedings against Wynk Ltd. The judgment highlighted the fact that Wynk Ltd. had utilized TIPS Industries' content without a formal commercial arrangement for a significant period and disallowed Wnyk from using any part of the TIPS repertoire and upheld previous single bench judgment by the honourable judge Kathawala.

A spokesperson from TIPS Industries Ltd. said, "We hold the court's decision in high regard and appreciate its thorough examination of the case. Our primary objective throughout this process has been to ensure that the rights of copyright holders are upheld. We hope this judgment will serve as a landmark for similar cases in the entertainment industry, emphasizing the importance of copyright laws."

The court's judgment provides a detailed and objective interpretation of certain provisions of the Section 31D of the Copyright Act, 1957.

In summary dispute between TIPS Industries and Wynk Ltd. concerned the utilization of TIPS Industries' repertoire by Wynk Ltd. without an established commercial agreement. Over the course of the dispute, despite multiple communications and efforts to reach a commercial resolution, a mutual agreement could not be achieved. As a result, TIPS Industries requested Wynk to remove the entire TIPS repertoire from its platform, failing which and followed by a compulsory license notice issued by Wynk to Tips, Tips had to seek refuge under the legislative framework.

Kumar Taurani - Managing Director at Tips had to say "It's been a long journey on this case, since 2016 from its start and between Covid-19 and right until today. We are grateful for this order and sincerely thank the judicial system. There's no doubt that we have lost business and faced losses over these last 7 years but this judgement paves the way forward for all copyright holders. We are here to do business and now that there's a clear legal mandate we hope that this will further fuel Tips's growth."

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