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EQUIPPP joins hands with BSE to fuel India's Social Stock Exchange

Posted On : 2023-09-15 13:48:28( TIMEZONE : IST )

EQUIPPP joins hands with BSE to fuel India's Social Stock Exchange

EQUIPPP, a tech enterprise dedicated to fostering cross-sector collaborations and public-private partnerships has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with BSE, India's premier exchange and the world's fastest Stock Exchange to fuel the growth of Social Stock Exchange potentially aiding several eligible non profit organizations from 3.4 million+ operating NPOs and transform the impact investing landscape in India.

According to Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Recognizing the immense potential within India's social development ecosystem, both EQUIPPP and BSE are committed to establishing an efficient Social Stock Exchange (SSE) as a crucial catalyst for growth.

This strategic alliance formalizes EQUIPPP and BSE's dedication to mutual knowledge sharing and expertise exchange. BSE and EQUIPPP will collaborate extensively to empower ecosystem participants, enabling them to access funding and recognition for their impactful initiatives.

EQUIPPP is at the forefront of advancing the efforts in making Social Stock Exchange a reality in India. During the past foundation's initiative to launch the book "Social Value Investing" coauthored by Prof William B Eimicke and Prof Howard Buffet in 2019, a wide deliberation for the need and importance of SSE in India took place.

As EQUIPPP evolved parallelly with the Social Stock Exchange over the last few years, It conducted various knowledge sessions in metro cities like Hyderabad and Chennai on this important subject and is enabling several non profits to list on the SSE.

To give a thrust to SSE ecosystem, EQUIPPP is curating a global network of impact investors who actively support and invest in nonprofits through impact assessment marketplace and book building tools which offer them a 360 degree approach to choose projects across sectors and geographies transparently which are ingrained with accountability measures.

As part of this partnership, EQUIPPP will leverage its technological expertise to construct a prototype for BSE that assembles a network of pro bono professionals. This network will offer compliance, audit, and other elite services tailored to the SSE ecosystem.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), both organizations will work in harmony, conducting joint seminars, public relations events, press releases, testimonials, demonstrations, and participation in trade shows, conventions, and conferences. These initiatives aim to educate and engage the community about the Social Stock Exchange's myriad benefits, ultimately encouraging stakeholder participation.

Furthermore, EQUIPPP will feature articles about BSE in its publications, strengthening the exchange of knowledge and insights between the two entities. In this remarkable collaboration, BSE and EQUIPPP recognize and appreciate each other's strengths, resources, experience, and expertise.

Together, EQUIPPP and BSE are poised to drive forward a common mission: the development of the Social Stock Exchange, with the underlying goal of fostering positive social change across India.

Source : Equity Bulls