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Maruti Suzuki to recall 5002 Super Carry Vehicles

Posted On : 2022-09-16 19:36:21( TIMEZONE : IST )

Maruti Suzuki to recall 5002 Super Carry Vehicles

Maruti Suzuki India Limited has announced to recall 5,002 Super Carry vehicles manufactured between 4th May, 2022 and 30th July, 2022.

The recall is being undertaken for inspection and torquing of a bolt attached to seat belt buckle bracket of co-driver seat. It is suspected that there is a possible defect in bolt torquing, which in a rare case, may loosen in the long run.

Affected vehicle owners will be receiving communication from Maruti Suzuki authorized workshops for inspection and repair (free of cost).

Customers may also visit the 'Imp Customer Info' section on the Company website and fill in their vehicle chassis number (MA3 followed by 14-digit alpha-numeric number) to check if their vehicle needs any attention in this regard. The chassis number is embossed on the vehicle ID plate and is also mentioned in the vehicle invoice / registration documents.

Source : Equity Bulls


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