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Aurionpro launches Aurobees, a Digital Transformation Platform for SMEs

Posted On : 2022-09-13 13:31:35( TIMEZONE : IST )

Aurionpro launches Aurobees, a Digital Transformation Platform for SMEs

Aurionpro Solutions Ltd (Aurionpro), a Mumbai-based global technology solutions provider, has launched Aurobees, an innovative and integrated digitization, fulfilment and financing platform, focused on helping the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) transform their businesses for the digital economy.

This platform, developed in partnership with Trejhara Solutions Ltd, enables SMEs to move their businesses online seamlessly by facilitating digital presence, webst and enabling them to run their businesses efficiently to seize growth opportunities in the new digital economy.

Aurobees is a subscription based, cloud-native platform that provides a highly scalable solution for the digitization and fulfilment across industries ranging from manufacturing, trading, distribution, freight forwarding, warehousing, transportation, and e-commerce fulfilment.

The platform is designed to reduce complexity for SMEs to effectively manage their working capital through Aurobees Business Payments Platform, through the multiple partners, will facilitate invoice financing and commercial card payments to address credit challenges and help manage the credit risk for the seller and buyer, improving their cash flow and helping to grow the businesses sustainably. Aurionpro's payment gateway is also tightly integrated with this platform to enable SMEs to offer digital payment options to their customers.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Ashish Rai, Vice Chairman and President, Aurionpro, noted, "We are excited to launch Aurobees which is a global, best-in-class cloud-native platform for the SME sector, offering wide range of services and enabling them to expand their reach through efficient supply chain management, enhanced visibility and connectivity to the marketplace. SMEs are the heart of any economy and digitization is crucial for SMEs to stay relevant and thrive in the new digital economy. Aurobees is designed to remove the complexity and cost barriers and truly empower today's enterprise to embrace the digital economy. Aurobees' long term vision is closely aligned to government initiatives in its key global markets to put greater impetus on the SME sector as well as the digital economy and will go a long way towards enabling the sector to realise its digital potential."

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