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Want to save Construction cost? Follow these seven tips

Posted On : 2022-08-17 13:30:02( TIMEZONE : IST )

Want to save Construction cost? Follow these seven tips

Ms. Nidhi Aggarwal, Founder, SpaceMantra

Homebuilding is not only an emotionally intensive exercise but also a financially demanding one. Anyone who wishes to make the home of his dreams has some specifications and preferences in mind. However, the rising cost of construction materials and cement, and steel is leading to an exponential rise in construction costs. However, if you plan a little and employ smart construction techniques, you can save up to 30-40 percent of the usual construction cost. The following tips would come in handy to save on construction expenditure.

A simple plan is the best plan

Although you might have your own specifications and preferences, a complex building plan with curves and turns will add to the cost of the building. A simple plan would be easy to build and will save a significant part of the total cost. If you have hired an architect, you must discuss all the complexities beforehand including the cost. Unnecessary structures would also hinder the free flow of air and will give rise to ventilation issues.

Choice of Construction Material

While building a home, the choice of construction material makes all the difference to the cost quotient. When you are about to initiate the construction, you must take quotes from different dealers and compare the cost as well as quality. It must be noted that while you are trying to reduce the cost, you must not compromise on the quality as poor quality would be a cost forever. You can also go for eco-friendly porotherm bricks or fly ash bricks to reduce the construction cost significantly.

Prefer a Load-bearing Structure

While building a home, you must prefer a load-bearing structure over a frame one structure. A load-bearing structure is known for its economic output. Moreover, in the case of a low-rise building, it reduces the cost significantly as it uses a reduced amount of steel and cement. In addition to this, the load-bearing structures are easy to construct and require lesser time leading to reduced consumption of energy and cost.

Go for Soil Testing

A significant amount of building costs is covered by the foundation of the building. In general, the foundation is 3-4 feet deep in the delicate soil. However, if you go for soil testing and the soil is normal, you can reduce the depth of the foundation by up to 2 feet. It will reduce the cost of construction significantly. However, taking the help and advice of a structural engineer is warranted in this regard.

Prefabricated Components

With the advent of construction technology, the prefabricated components market is contributing significantly to modern constructions. Prefabricated materials are predesigned and precast and can be fixed as it is. If not for the entire structure, you can use it for a part of it such as an outhouse, animal shade and animal shelters etc. Moreover, prefabricated doors and windows are significantly cheaper than hardwood doors and provide similar strength and security.

Precast Staircase System

Contrary to the traditional staircase system, a precast staircase mechanism helps in cost reduction significantly. As compared to the In-situ staircase system, the precast staircase mechanism is efficient, effective and affordable. It also utilizes lesser labourand requires lesser time to get installed.

Right Plot Selection

This tip applies if you are purchasing a new plot. If you are on the lookout for a new residential plot, you must bear in mind that the level of the plot should not be very high or very low from the road level. If the level difference is too much, then it will require great efforts in releveling and would add to the overall cost.

Conclusively, if the homebuilding exercise is carried out with proper planning and smart execution, it would lead to a significant reduction in cost.

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