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An insight on Aarti Surfactants Limited

Posted On : 2020-07-13 13:05:49( TIMEZONE : IST )

An insight on Aarti Surfactants Limited

Aarti Surfactants Limited has been a result of the demerger of Home and Personal Care division of Aarti Industries Limited. The demerger allows the management of the Company to focus and adopt relevant strategies necessary for the turning around, and promoting growth and expansion of the Home and Personal Care Business. The demerger process, which began in June 2018, received final approval in June 2019. The shareholders of Aarti Industries Ltd were allotted one equity or redeemable preference share of Aarti Surfactants for every 10 shares held in Aarti Industries Limited.

Aarti Surfactants Limited is a leading producer of ionic and non-ionic and specialty surfactants with a global footprint. The company primarily caters to the Home and Personal Care (HPC) industry with a wide range of innovative and high-quality products. (Non-ionic surfactants are those that can be used with high salinity or hard water, and are compatible with other types, and are excellent candidates for complex mixtures with low toxicity levels.). The company offers a broad range of surfactants and specialty products to FMCG companies in order to meet the ever-changing market dynamics.

The company produces customised and eco-friendly surfactants, processed with high-quality materials which find application in varied industries, including home care, personal care, hair care, and others.

The company has a comprehensive portfolio of over 30 products, serving a wide range of industries. The company is also a leading exporter supplying its high-quality products to several countries across the world with a major presence in North America, South America, South-East Asia and Europe.

The company owns two state-of-the-art manufacturing units. It owns a Sulfonation Unit at Pithampur in the state of Madhya Pradesh, with the capabilities to manufacture Sulfonated Compounds on an active basis. With manufacturing sites located in the western parts of India, the company has locational and logistical advantages on account of its proximity to major ports and FMCG companies in India. The company has another manufacturing unit at Silvassa. Both the plants are equipped with advanced machinery and superior technologies. This enables the Company to manufacture niche and value-added products.

The company reported Gross Total Income of Rs. 32,607.30 lakhs for FY 2019-20 and Profit Before Tax of Rs. 294.52 Lakhs. The company posted net profit of Rs. 208.61 lakhs for FY2019-20 with EPS at Rs. 2.75.

The company reported Gross Total Income of Rs. 31,054.90 lakhs for FY 2018-19 and Earnings Before Interest Depreciation and Taxes (EBIDTA) of Rs. 523.15 Lakhs. During the year, the Company enhanced capacities in both the Plant and invested about Rs. 2,825 Lakhs. The company posted net loss of Rs. 647.94 lakhs for FY2018-19 with EPS at Rs. (7.48).

The gross debt of the company was Rs. 10,920.70 lakhs as of March 31, 2020 and net debt was at Rs. 10910.19 lakhs.

The equity capital of the company is Rs. 758.45 lakhs comprising 75,84,477 equity shares of Rs. 10 each. As on March 31, 2020 the below are the shareholders holding more than 5% shares in the company:

HDFC Trustee Company Ltd. - 7,13,681 shares (9.41%)
Jaya Chandrakant Gogri - 3,99,449 shares (5.27%)
Rashesh Chandrakant Gogri - 3,83,438 shares (5.06%)

The equity shares of the company are slated to list in the markets on Tuesday - July 14, 2020.

Source : Equity Bulls