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Tata AIA Flexi Growth Fund NFO window to close on December 31, 2023

Posted On : 2023-12-28 23:18:10( TIMEZONE : IST )

Tata AIA Flexi Growth Fund NFO window to close on December 31, 2023

Tata AIA Life Insurance (Tata AIA), one of India's leading life insurers, introduces the Tata AIA Life Flexi Growth Fund that allows policyholders to invest in a wide range of companies in the Large, Mid, and Small cap space, depending on the attractiveness of each at any given point in time. The New Fund Offering (NFO) with Unit-Linked Products window will remain open until December 31, 2023, at a NAV of Rs. 10 per unit.

The Flexi Growth Fund offers consumers four compelling reasons to invest:

Dynamic allocation: At any given time, it can be dynamically overweight or underweight across Large/Mid/Small caps, depending on its attractiveness.

Sector-wise improvisation and diversification: Sector outlooks change periodically; Flexi Growth Fund can pick and choose sectors to invest in based on the outlook.

Risk mitigation across Market Cycles: Due to its ability to navigate across market capitalisation, Flexi Growth Fund can perform well across different market cycles.

Track record of Superior Returns: Over the past five years, Tata AIA funds have generated robust returns. For instance, its Multicap Fund has generated returns of 26.07% versus a benchmark return of 13.99% on a 5-year basis as of 30 November 2023.

Commenting on the Flexi Growth Fund launch, Harshad Patil, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Tata AIA, said, "At Tata AIA, our endeavour is to provide superior, consistent, risk-adjusted long-term returns to our policyholders. Tata AIA funds have delivered outstanding performance over the years, beating benchmarks on a consistent basis. Tata AIA Flexi Growth Fund will invest in stocks across market capitalisation to generate capital appreciation in the long run. In order to maintain flexibility, the fund will invest in carefully selected companies offering opportunities across large, mid, and small-cap universe. With a well-defined research process and methodology as well as a bottom-up stock selection approach, we aim to provide superior long-term returns to our policyholders."

To generate capital appreciation in the long run, 70%-100% of the fund's investments will be made in equity and equity-related instruments and 0%-30% in debt and money market instruments. Featuring high quality, diversified portfolios, and strong performance potential, the Tata AIA Flexi Growth Fund offers investors the choice of investing across market caps in one fund.

Tata AIA policyholders can invest in this fund through the Company's ULIP offerings, including Fortune Pro, Wealth Pro, Fortune Maxima, etc. They can also invest in the fund through innovative ILP solutions e.g .Param Rakshak Plus or the newly launched Pro-fit, that offers multiple benefits across health, wealth and life cover. This offers consumers the unique opportunity to benefit from the long-term growth potential of equity while securing their loved ones with the protection of a life insurance cover.

India became the fifth largest country by GDP in 2022 and is broadly expected to become the third largest by 2030.

Tata AIA has a well-defined research process and methodology and takes a long-term view based on fundamental research. As of 30th November 2023, the Company's total Asset Under Management (AUM) was INR 86,729 Cr. 95.19% of the rated AUM of Tata AIA Life is rated either 4 star or 5 star on a 5-year basis as of November 2023, by Morningstar Ratings.

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