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Shreeji expands its Geographical Reach with new branch in Bhubaneshwar

Posted On : 2023-07-10 15:18:06( TIMEZONE : IST )

Shreeji expands its Geographical Reach with new branch in Bhubaneshwar

Shreeji Translogistics Limited (STL), an India-based surface logistics and parcel delivery service provider, has recently opened a new Branch in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha.

The new branch in Bhubaneshwar represents STL's commitment to enhance its presence in the eastern region of India. With its well-established network and expertise in the logistics industry, the company aims to cater to the increasing demand for reliable and efficient transportation and supply chain solutions in the region.

This strategic expansion marks an important milestone in the company's growth and will provide significant benefits to the business and its customers.

Commenting on the announcement, the Management team of Shreeji Translogistics Limited, stated: "We are delighted to announce the successful opening of our new branch in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, marking a significant step towards expanding our footprint in the eastern region. This expansion brings exciting opportunities for our business and the local economy.

Our team at STL is excited to serve the local businesses and industries in Bhubaneshwar, leveraging our expertise and comprehensive range of services. With our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we are confident that our presence will strengthen our position in the logistics industry.

We have the opportunity to establish strong partnerships with local businesses, providing seamless logistics support and contributing to their growth and success. Expanding our operations in Bhubaneshwar aligns perfectly with our long-term vision. With a focus on technological innovation and operational excellence, we are dedicated to delivering world-class logistics solutions and enhancing our service offerings.

We believe that our new branch will significantly contribute to the economic growth of the region by fostering trade and commerce, improving supply chain efficiency, and creating employment opportunities. With the immense potential offered by the Bhubaneshwar market, we look forward to delivering exceptional results as we continue to expand our operations."

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