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Shriram General Insurance unveils women-exclusive branches in Jaipur and Ludhiana

Posted On : 2023-03-08 17:48:29( TIMEZONE : IST )

Shriram General Insurance unveils women-exclusive branches in Jaipur and Ludhiana

Shriram General Insurance Company (SGIC) has raised the curtains of two exclusive - women branches in Ludhiana and Jaipur- the first of its kind initiative in the industry. The entire workforce - from the branch manager to the support staff, are women and SGIC has plans to strategically replicate the same model nationwide going forward.

Anil Kumar Aggarwal, MD & CEO, Shriram General Insurance Company said "Diversity and inclusion are crucial for organizations to create an environment that fosters innovation, productivity, and employee satisfaction. Studies have found that women who work in diverse organizations report higher job satisfaction. By hiring qualified women at all levels, we create a more inclusive culture that values diversity. The CFO and the Legal Head at SGI are women, which is indicative of the culture the company has built."

Like any other SGI branch, the women-exclusive branches will offer insurance and other financial products with the same fervour, and rich customer experience. The company plans to open more such branches across the country to facilitate the professional growth of women.

SGI's Women -centric model:

SGI deeply cares about women's career development and general wellbeing. The company's top performers are women. Likewise, they have female representation at every level and function of the business including some of the key leadership positions. It has formed various women's welfare committees managed by women staff members to cater to the needs and requirements of women in the organization.

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