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Aviva India Launches Aviva Signature Investment Plan

Posted On : 2023-01-20 21:17:11( TIMEZONE : IST )

Aviva India Launches Aviva Signature Investment Plan

Aviva Life Insurance, India's most trusted private life insurance company, announced the launch of Aviva Signature Investment Plan, a Unit Linked Non-Participating Individual Life Insurance Plan. The plan is crafted keeping in mind the needs of Millennial and GenX customers.

Signature Millennial comes with an inbuilt premium waiver to create a guaranteed corpus for a dependent parent, spouse, or child, even after the death of the Life Insured.

Signature GenX allows customers to grow their wealth through disciplined monthly savings for up to 60 years and build generational wealth.

With seven fund options, it promises easy access to money when required and flexibility of multiple premium payment frequencies and policy terms. To help people understand the new-age ULIP plans, the #ForTheLongRun campaign is designed to encourage a habit of regular and long-term investing while also taking care of their families.

Mr Vinit Kapahi, Head of Marketing, said, "In line with the need of first-time, cautious entrants to the Equity market, we at Aviva recalibrated the product dynamics with changing times and focused on building a product that brings real value to our customers. As a result, our new-age ULIP product -Aviva Signature Investment Plan, is an ideal recipe for creating wealth while guaranteeing your family's safety from unfavourable circumstances."

Key highlights of the Aviva Signature Investment Plan are:

- Zero Allocation Charges
- Periodic Milestone Boosters every 3rd year starting at the end of the 6th policy year.
- Two plan options: Signature Millennial and Signature GenX
- Upto 100% of the Mortality & Policy Administration charges at Maturity
- In case of unfortunate death of Life Insured during the Policy Term, all future Premiums as and when due are paid by the company in Signature Millennial Option.
- Seven fund options to choose from to match the customer's risk profile
- Easy access to money during unexpected needs through partial withdrawals and systematic partial withdrawals
- Staggered investment into equity funds from debt funds through Systematic Transfer Plan
- RetireSafe Strategy for moving the customer's funds from equity to debt to safeguard the accrued returns.

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