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Vested Finance launches two new pre-built portfolios to allow investors to invest in new-age technologies and globally diversified ETFs

Posted On : 2022-12-05 11:50:29( TIMEZONE : IST )

Vested Finance launches two new pre-built portfolios to allow investors to invest in new-age technologies and globally diversified ETFs

Vested Finance, a US investment platform and a FINRA-registered US broker-dealer (via its affiliate VF Securities), today launched two additional pre-built Vests to enable retail investors to invest in globally diversified ETFs and futuristic technology stocks in partnership with Xumit Capital and Ethical Advisors. With this announcement, Vested Finance has partnerships with five industry experts to offer third-party portfolios.

Vests are curated portfolios that comprise stocks and/or ETFs and are constructed with different goals or specific themes in mind. Investing in Vests is similar to investing in passively managed mutual funds or PMS as it allows clients to choose the Vest based on their risk tolerance and theme rather than spending time studying specific stocks for global portfolio diversification. Vest investments are made using the subscription option, which is offered in quarterly and yearly plans.

Speaking on the partnership, Viram Shah, Co-Founder & CEO of Vested Finance, said, "Vested Finance has always strived to make global diversification options available to Indian investors in an accessible and cost-effective manner. Encouraged by the strong investor interest in US markets and the success of our recent Vest offerings, we are delighted to launch two new pre-built Vests in partnership with industry experts like Xumit Capital and Ethical Advisors. These new Vests offer customers an opportunity to invest in ETFs and futuristic technologies like metaverse, artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain etc. The two new Vests will be in addition to the previously launched Bitcoin Vest, Third-party Vest, and DIY Vest, thus providing adequate diversification options in US markets. Despite the unforeseen volatility in the global market, we have witnessed more than 20% of Vested investors invest in the US market via these Vests. Further, our new broker-dealer license helps investors gain access to a wider gamut of securities on our platform, and we will continue to innovate and expand investor offerings."

Sumit Singh, Managing Director, Xumit Capital, on the launch of Xumit Capital Vest, said, "XCG - Global Balanced Portfolio is a diversified portfolio based entirely on index ETFs for passive investors. The portfolio is diversified across different geographies and asset classes, including equities, bonds, gold and real estate, thus providing reasonable risk-adjusted returns and a very low total expense ratio of 0.10% to 0.12%. For the set of Indian investors who want to get exposure to global market instruments for the first time, this portfolio provides a well-diversified combination of ETFs. As a long-term investment strategy for all-weather investors, the portfolio also provides growth potential, with two-thirds invested in US equities."

Dick Mody, Founder, and CEO, of Ethical Advisers, on the launch of Futuristic Tech & Robotics Vest, said, "While investing, there is always merit in identifying pioneers in future technologies as early investors reap disproportionate rewards upon their success. However, the risk remains high. To balance the two, this Vest has a diversified mix of innovative companies involved in futuristic tech, metaverse, artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, 3D Printing, and innovative technologies."

Before this partnership, Vested Finance offered Vests from Wright Research, Negen Capital and Prasenjit Paul.

On the Vests offering, one of the existing partners, Sonam Srivastava, Founder of Wright Research, said, "We launched Wright Tactical US Vest in Jan 2022, and it is a moderate-risk tactical asset allocation portfolio that is rebalanced every month to achieve optimal allocation for any market regime. If a customer prefers well-diversified equity portfolio exposure through various ETF holdings, one may like this. This Vest is optimised to achieve returns within a short-term horizon. This Vest uses highly liquid ETFs to track different investment sectors, factors, and market caps."

Vested Finance helps Indian investors to invest in US stock markets via multiple investment instruments like stocks, ETFs, and pre-built investment portfolios called Vests. Partnership with portfolio management experts enables Indian investors to diversify their portfolios in an even easier manner geographically.

Vested Finance is a FINRA-registered US broker-dealer and the only Fintech platform operating in India that has obtained a license from FINRA, the regulatory body for brokers and dealers in the USA.

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