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Datamatics and Scan-Optics Partner to Help Enterprises Optimize Business Performance

Posted On : 2022-10-06 21:36:09( TIMEZONE : IST )

Datamatics and Scan-Optics Partner to Help Enterprises Optimize Business Performance

Datamatics, a global Digital Technologies, Operations, and Experiences Company, and Scan-Optics, a leader in intelligent data management and digital transformation, today announced that they have entered in a partnership to help organizations enhance automation of business operations.

Scan-Optics digitizes, classifies, and migrates data - owning the lifecycle of digital data. Datamatics brings Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to the world of unstructured document automation and business processes.

Aabhas Zaveri, SVP, Intelligent Automation, Datamatics, said, "We believe it's a natural progression for both Scan-Optics' and Datamatics' customers to adopt AI-driven Intelligent Automation solutions to bring efficiencies to manual and document-driven operations. Our combined technologies can help the customers with process automation, document extraction and generate intelligence around their customers, partners, products, and employees, enabling them to deliver better customer and employee experience."

Jeff Mitchell, CEO Scan-Optics expressed, "We are happy to partner with Datamatics and are confident in their AI-driven intelligent solutions. It will provide excellent value for companies in automating workflows, improving customer productivity, and optimizing employees' time spent on tedious tasks."

The combined power of these technologies will allow for increased speed, efficiency, accessibility, productivity, and accuracy of business operations. Datamatics and Scan-Opticswill offer enterprises with solutions such as document/digital conversion, intelligent document processing, digital record management and robotic process automation.

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