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MapmyIndia Mappls launches for the first time in India - The Ramayan Maps

Posted On : 2022-10-06 14:34:57( TIMEZONE : IST )

MapmyIndia Mappls launches for the first time in India - The Ramayan Maps

MapmyIndia Mappls, India's leading advanced digital maps and deep-tech company, is releasing a series of physical, printed map art works, The Ramayan Maps, as part of an initiative to help people connect better with India's heritage and culture through the lens of maps. This physical printed map art works on canvas (offered in varying sizes - with the choice of Hindi & English language) are meant to evoke emotion and understanding of holiest of the Hindu epics, the Ramayan, by that tracing and showcasing the journey of the Maryada Purshottama Shri Ram - right from his birth to the establishment of the Ram Rajya - on a rarely seen map of India from approx. 5000 BCE. As the pioneer and leader in India's mapping industry, which began in 1995 with the mission of bringing the infinite benefits of maps to all people across all works of life, MapmyIndia Mappls has taken this initiative to help all feel a closer connection with India's past heritage and culture, and see the important events of the Ramayan juxtaposed on the locations across the present-day Indian sub-continent, so that all understand the cultural significance of various places and locations. Those interested can visit or watch product video.

"This initiative is very close to my heart" says Rakesh Verma, Co-Founder, Chairman & Managing Director of the company. "To me, leveraging the MapmyIndia Mappls platform and cutting-edge technology to create a map of Ramayan, is like a state of self-actualization, where my life's work meets my spiritual being. Prabhu Shri Ram is the very soul of India, and his journey is the journey of India into an age of peace, prosperity and enlightenment. India today is often regarded as the global nerve centre of Spirituality and Salvation; what can better symbolise her rise to becoming the coveted 'Golden Sparrow' of the world again than the journey of Prabhu Shri Ram! Ramayan Maps are extensively researched and culturally nuanced. They bring forth the message and significance of Shri Ram to the audience, young and old, in a simple intelligible format, highlighting the greatness of our ancient civilisation. This unique confluence of art and technology, the Ramayan Maps are MapmyIndia Mappls gift to the millions in India and across the world who bear in their hearts the image of Prabhu Shri Ram, in all his resplendent glory. This attempt is also a continuation of our efforts to familiarise all Indians with their rich cultural heritage through the lens of maps and location technologies, which we initiated with our Pray App (available on Android and iOS) which is bringing joy and solace to millions of Indians every day. Our company's flagship Mappls app (available on Android, iOS and Web) lets all users search for and navigate to all places across India, including those of cultural, historical, religious and spiritual significance, establishing MapmyIndia Mappls as a truly local, swadeshi, indigenous, Indian company serving the needs of all Indians in the best way."

The unique Ramayan Maps: where the ancient meets the postmodern

- Showcasing rarely seen 5000 BCE map of India
- Beautiful canvas print with antique & historically relevant cartographic styling & calligraphy
- Showing erstwhile entities in their original names and their current name
- Brief descriptions about the event that took place at each location, giving a quick overview of the Ramayan story
- Printed on canvas with framed wooden finish with optional protective acrylic sheet and rollup fabric version
- Created using state of the art geospatial technology, to co-relate present day India map with historical locations
- Scaled map shown in Kilometres & Yojanas, so progression events and Ramayan story can be followed easily on map

An ideal Navratri, Dusshehra or Diwali gift for your near and dear ones. MapmyIndia Mappls Ramayan Maps will be a prized possession - adorning the walls of home/office or even the little temple at home, always reminding one of righteousness, humility and poise in the face of calamity - the values propagated by Shri Ram.

MapmyIndia Ramayan Maps are being offered in Hindi and English languages; consumers can choose from aesthetically designed acrylic framed maps (different size options available) or frameless canvas maps. These maps can be purchased on MapmyIndia store and are also available on leading eCommerce platforms viz. Flipkart, Meesho and Snapdeal.

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