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Medcare acquires 60% of Skin III

Posted On : 2022-10-03 21:59:07( TIMEZONE : IST )

Medcare acquires 60% of Skin III

Medcare, the premium healthcare provider under the Aster DM Healthcare group, announced its expansion into the premium wellness and beauty care segment with the acquisition of 60% share in Skin 111 Clinics.

Skin111 Clinics is an award-winning premium chain of aesthetic and wellness centres offering patients customised invasive and non-invasive beauty treatments, combining conventional medicine with innovative wellness and beauty services such as detoxification IV infusions allowing patients to reach their desired beauty goals in a healthier more sustainable manner. Skin111 specializes in bespoke beauty, anti-aging, aesthetic dermatology, and general medicine while offering its patients several unique preventive medicine solutions that allows for early diagnosis of potential genetic driven chronic conditions.

This acquisition will accelerate Medcare's plans to emerge as an international hub for health, beauty, and wellness adding to its existing network of 4 hospitals and over 20 medical centres in the UAE. With this agreement, Skin111 Clinic's unique offerings will be incorporated into Medcare service portfolio giving it an edge in the aesthetics and wellness segments, a key driver of the UAE's growing medical tourism sector.

"Skin III, the name itself talks about the three layers of the skin! It is our biggest organ and our connect between the external world and our inner body. External factors like heat, air conditioning etc effect the quality of our skin. Similarly the effects of our diet, sleep, travel, stress becomes evident through the skin texture, laxity and glow. With the acquisition of Skin III, we are entering into a niche area of looking at effective and exciting new skin care services with infusions such as NAD plus, vitamin boost etc. that provides that extra care for our skin and body.

We are excited to partner with Dr. Shahram Nabili on this unique and niche area of immense interest amongst the tourists and residents alike in Dubai" says Alisha Moopen, Deputy Managing Director Aster DM Healthcare.

Commenting on the recent acquisition, Dr. Shanila Laiju, Group CEO of Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centres, said, "We are pleased to announce our foray into the beauty and wellness segment of the healthcare sector. The acquisition of Skin111 is part of our overall strategy to expand the scope of our operations and become leaders in aesthetic and antiaging segments in the UAE contributing to Dubai's vision to become a medical tourism hub within the region."

"We are advancing our healthcare service strategy to provide holistic health solutions to our patients in the UAE and other parts of the world. The Skin 111 acquisition will enable us to meet the cosmetic and aesthetic needs of our patients. Our objective is to address beauty & wellness as a fully functioning system, driven by practice-led services and personalised technology to create better experiences for our patients," she added.

Following the confirmation of the partnership, Dr. Sharam Nabili CEO of Skin III will continue to lead the clinics' operations under the Medcare umbrella, leading it's advancing practice into the Medcare vast network of facilities.

Dr. Shahram Nabili, CEO of Skin111, said, "Medcare is the right partner for us bringing their high-ranking reputation as a healthcare excellence leader in the UAE. We expect this partnership will take Skin111 to the next level in providing bespoke medical and well-being services to patients from different parts of the world. This also enhances the Skin111's value significantly in offering customers a truly world-class experience. Our unique focus on novel rejuvenation and antiaging techniques allow us to offer vitamin and mineral analysis leading to scientifically backed tailor made treatment plans for all our clients. We look forward to this journey alongside Medcare."

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