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Fincare Small Finance Bank Launches Fincare Biz

Posted On : 2022-09-27 21:25:35( TIMEZONE : IST )

Fincare Small Finance Bank Launches Fincare Biz

Fincare Small Finance Bank launches Fincare Biz, an application to cater to the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) helping them utilize the QR code linked to their Fincare Bank Account in a convenient and seamless manner.

The application, an in-house development, can be installed in multiple devices linked to the same account. The application has a feature wherein users receive a sound notification for every payment received through UPI. Presently, the sound notifications in English and Hindi and the Bank aims to expand it to 6 languages over the next 2 months. Apart from sound on/off feature, this application has the capability to run in the background while the mobile phones is used for other activities.

Mr Jatinder Shah, Chief Operating officer - Business Banking - Fincare Small Finance Bank, said, "The application helps generate dynamic QR codes based on the amount. The application also allows users to register themselves as Connectors and punch leads for other products such as loan against gold, Loan against Property, Current Account, etc and earn commissions. This app coupled with Fincare Sound Box enhances the sound quality by 15 DB. The best part is that the none of the electronic devices linked to application require maintenance, no chances of physical damage and works seamlessly with all types of mobile devices. Fincare Biz App is the go-to solution to enhance the digital experience."

Fincare Small Finance bank offers a wide range of products, including current and savings account, loan against gold, loan against property, in addition to competitive interest rates on fixed and recurring deposits. Transactions supported by the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) are another service provided by the Bank. The Bank plans to meet the financial needs of a wide range of clientele offering a 'Smart' banking experience.

As of 31st March 2022, the bank serves 32+ Lakh customers in 19 States/UT and has a workforce of 12,000+.

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