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GHG Reduction Technologies Pvt. Ltd. achieves a major milestone

Posted On : 2022-09-27 15:17:56( TIMEZONE : IST )

GHG Reduction Technologies Pvt. Ltd. achieves a major milestone

EKI Energy Services Ltd., a leading developer and supplier of carbon credits across the globe, today announced that its subsidiary - GHG Reduction Technologies Pvt. Ltd., has completed the capacity expansion to achieve one of the highest production capacities in the world.

The company's manufacturing plant, located in Nashik, now, has a capacity to manufacture 5 million improved cookstoves per year, the highest ever in the biomass category. These improved cookstoves are being supplied for the clean cooking projects of major oil and gas players across the globe.

The company aims to empower rural households globally with an efficient, safer, cleaner and healthier cooking solution. Branded 'Agneeka', the improved cookstoves, are being manufactured and deployed in a phased manner starting with villages in India and spreading across remote locations in other countries.

Mr. Pankaj Pandey, Head - Community-based Projects, EKI Energy Services Ltd. (EKIESL) said, "We are extremely excited about the milestone achievement. We, at EKI, have a deep focus on community upliftment and aim to empower rural households globally with improved cookstoves while enabling strong climate action. We promise to continue enhancing our sustainability services, benefitting a larger section of society and expand our area of operations with a target to reach remote locations in other countries too. The aim is to steer the planet to net-zero while empowering communities."

EKI Energy Services Ltd launched the Green Cooking initiative in 2018 under its sustainable initiatives with an aim to empower economically weaker households globally with improved cookstoves absolutely free of cost. Each improved cookstove provided by EKI is 30% more efficient than traditional mud/three-stone fire cookstoves and enables a 45-55% reduction in the consumption of firewood as fuel.

The green cooking initiative also aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN with its added benefits of reduction of environmental pollution, reduction of deforestation, health benefits to villagers, biodiversity conservation and generation of employment. Additionally, it reduces drudgery to women who travel long distances to collect fuel wood, improves the overall health of people living in and around the vicinity of inefficient cookstoves, especially women and ultimately results in women empowerment.

GHG Reductions Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was established earlier this year as a subsidiary for strengthening the backward integration of the carbon credit supply chain and for the end-to-end management of the green cooking initiative starting from manufacturing to the distribution of the improved cookstoves. The subsidiary operates from 27000 square feet of state-of-the-art plant in Nashik, Maharashtra and has generated employment for over 500 people.

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